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Instructions for Submission of Proposals

At ICBME, manuscripts, roundtables, and posters (students only) will be presented in a symposia-style format, grouped according to similar research questions and organized into topical themes. Proposals must be submitted via the Proposal Submission Form. Presenters not registered for The Colloquium by Wednesday, July 31 will be removed from the program.


Information Provided via Proposal Submission Website

1. Title of proposal: Maximum of 10 words
2. Abstract: Maximum of 100 words
3. Rank of preferred presentation type: Manuscript, Roundtable, Poster
4. Keyword descriptors: Maximum of 5 words or phrases
5. Presenter information: For each presenter, list name, institution, email, title/position, credentials, and biography listing experience relevan
t to the Colloquium theme. Maximum of 200 words per presenter.

Research Section
Formatted in APA style (6th Edition) and no longer than four pages in length (not including references, tables, or figures), submit a PDF (NOT Microsoft Word or any other format) in the below format. The file name should be the exact title of the proposal.

1. Introductory section to include the following: title of proposal, name and institution of each presenter, abstract of no more than 100 words
2. Brief outline or description not to exceed 500words
3. Relevant literature
4. Research question
5. Significance ofstudy
6. Methods and data
7. Findings or preliminary findings
8. Implications for research, policy, or practice
9. Appropriate references

Evaluation of Proposals
Proposals will be evaluated based upon the following: (a) relevancy of the topic to Black males, (b) originality of the work, (c) quality of theoretical or conceptual frameworks and, if applicable, data sources, (d) soundness of the research design, analysis, and interpretation, (e) reasonableness of conclusions and implications, (f ) overall clarity of the proposal (e.g., quality of writing, organization of ideas, clarity of assumptions, logic of arguments), and (g) evidence that the research is near completion and the manuscript or poster will be completed by the required deadline.

Criteria for Manuscripts
Uponacceptance and by the required deadline, the presenter(s) must submit a manuscript formatted in APAstyle (6th Edition) that is no longer than 40 pages in length.

Manuscripts must meet the following criteria:
• Clearly state the problem or issue being addressed and its relevance to the Colloquium theme
• Provide a thorough overview of the status or condition of the problem or issue being addressed
• Provide an explanation or insight into the issue or condition being addressed
• Provide insight into how the current condition will impact the future status of Black males
• Indicate potential research, policy, or practical implications

Important Dates - Extended!


Proposal Deadline

Monday, July 1, 2024

Notification Sent to Selected Proposals

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Conference Registration Deadline for ALL Presenters
Wednesday, July 31, 2024

Receipt of Manuscript
Friday, September 20th, 2024

Confronting Trauma in Education and Beyond: Charting a Pathway Forward for Black Men and Boys

Sample Topics

Topics may include (but are not limited to)


• The impact of community and school based trauma on educational outcomes for Black males
• Conceptualizing and theorizing Black male educational experiences
• Education transition from early
childhood to tertiary and vocational
• Role of segregation on access to
• Preparing Black males for success in education
• Pedagogy and curriculum reform to
enhance teaching and learning for Black males
• Best practices, strategies, and
interventions to support and empower
Black males
• Community and family interventions
related to Black males
• Effects of incarceration on education and workforce opportunities

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