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two people sharing a hug at the ICBME event
Two man shaking hands at ICMBE
Two people smiling at the camera and posing for a picture at ICBME
Three men posing for a picture at ICMBE
two women having fun and posing for a picture at ICBME
two young men posing at ICBME
Two young ladies posing for the camera t ICMBE
James L. Moore III, PhD posing for the camera at ICBME
ICBME promo video

ICBME promo video


2016 ICBME: Bermuda

2017 ICBME: Toronto,ON

2018 ICBME: Dublin, Ireland

2019 ICBME: Milwaukee, WI

2020 ICBME: Virtual

2012 ICBME: Leeds, UK

2013 ICBME: Virgin Islands

2014 ICBME: Atlanta, Georgia

2015 ICBME: Jamaica

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